Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chic Tip: The Disappearing Act of Hair Elastics AND The Comback of Feathers

Ponytails and simple up-dos are a chic way to get those gorgeous locks out of your face. When wearing a ponytail hide those bland and tacky hair elastics with a much sleeker alternative: your own hair. It's so simple- after putting your hair up and tying the elastic in, take a small piece of hair (about the width of your finger) from the bottom of your ponytail and begin wrapping it around the hair elastic until it is undetectable (preferably ending it closer to the bottom) then keep it in place with a bobby pin. Voila!

Another nice touch with up dos, that don't normally require hair elastics, are chic and funky hair accessories. One of my fav hair trends right now are the use of feathers. Loving the peacock and wispy feather accessories that have been starting to pop up in magazines and stores. But use wisely, make sure the accessory is a reasonable size- you never want your hair accessory to take away from you so don't over do it.

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*

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