Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fashionista FAIL: Shoulder Ghetto Bling

Designer bags are fantastic, we all know. But one of the responsibilities of owning one- real or fake is to dress the part. Let's be honest, whether you spend the $2000 for a real Louis Vuitton or just $60 for a faux one- most people can't tell the difference, it's sad- I know but that's the society we live. So whether you have the real or faux- DRESS like you have the money! Don't wear your campus college sweater while holding your designer bag- it just looks tacky. And whatever you do- DO NOT wear them with your track pants or bummy clothes you'll look like Britany Spears circa 'her breakdown' phase. And nobody wants that.

Another trend I have been noticing that's been making me ill as a fashionista, is the 'Ghetto' a.k.a Guess purses. I get the whole 'affordable designer' label but seriously, does anyone else notice the amount of hardware and bedazzled crap that gets thrown on that over-done croc pattern along with their over-sized tacky logo? Take the money you would normally spend on those things most girls call their 'purse' and spend it on an actual one. Think: leather, classic colours, over-sized but structured and don't even think about buying those stupid looking mini handbags in that banana shape that some girls feel the need to wedge on their shoulders and under their armpits. Leave those to the tweens..

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*

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