Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chic Tip: The Pretty-Edgy Look

I personally LOVE the fab look I like to call 'The Pretty-Edgy". It's a mix of the pretty-girl fashionista- with the trendy outfit and accessories but with a touch of the edgy-girl feel.
A good outfit example of this is a pair of skinny pants topped with a long top (or dress) with a cropped leather jacket and 'badass' boots (preferably leather and just below the knee).

Remember: Dress trendy and ad rocker details like a leather jacket, boots and a funky pyramid bracelet (or big metal cuff) with a statement sized ring and fun earrings (wear to your discretion- make sure the earrings are not too loud compared to the rest of the outfit).

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*

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