Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fashionista FAIL: Le Faux Trois

Le Faux Trois- a.k.a 'The Fake Three' consist of these fake beauty 'additions': nails, eyelashes and hair extensions. A true fashionista works with what she's got and doesn't need cheap looking add-ons. Just to be clear- these things ALONE for SELECT occasions are fine. Here are the few exceptions..

Fake Eyelashes:
- Halloween/Costume event
- You have VERY VERY short eyelashes (in this case get ones that look natural..don't use Christina as an example)

Hair Extensions:
- You absolutely HATE your short hair
- Special occasion (wedding, party etc.- Clubs not included)
- To add a different colour highlight instead of frying your hair- be sure not to get those uber tacky bright colours. Think neutral, natural tones.

Fake Nails:
- No excuse. Just stop biting your nails. There are plenty of solutions to this: take more calcium, use anti-biting nail polish, use a nail strengthener. I don't care how much you spend on getting your fake nails done- the final product will never ever look natural- they are always half a cm above your natural nail and are disgustingly thick. No one is being fooled. Besides, now is the era of the short dark embrace them and stop spending your money on awful looking acrylic and gel overlay.

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*

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Stephanie Collie said...

what happens if what I got scares people.. and these things mask that? Should I not take others into consideration? Or should I just be selfish and let them be tortured by my true ugliness?