Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fashionista FAIL: Ugly UNDER-Uggs

You spent your $200 back when every celeb was sporting them and now Paris Hilton herself wouldn't be caught dead in them. For most of us- $200 isn't exactly pocket change and you don't want to feel like you wasted your money..so you've still been wearing your Uggs; post-trend season for the past two years..but to hide this you've decided to wear them UNDER your pant legs. Sorry to tell you, but..you're not exactly fooling anyone. They're the most obtrusive thing you could try to hide. Either tuck them in or find a better way to wear them.

Rules for wearing Uggs post-trend season:
1. Only wear in the winter
2. Only tuck them in- NEVER, ever have them under pant-legs
3. Try the cute layered look with them: tights, sweater dress and Tee with a fab scarf. This can also be successful with a short skirt, tights and a Tee (or nice sweater) and of course..a scarf ;)
Good Luck!

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*


Stephanie Collie said...

You really like these things you call scarfs.. you seem to want every outfit to incorporate it

hunterprospect said...

Oops. I wear my pants over my uggs b/c i have the little ankle ones and it would look rather douchey if I worke the pants tucked in. Further more, I wear them b/c they keep my feet warm when I'm freezing my butt off at the barn. haha I guess I'm a fashion failure :P