Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chic Tip: A Lady's Man

One of the current looks that has been trendy for a while but has now started to seep to the greater public is the Men's Wear look. I love it because its powerful but super sexy. Try it with a pair of skinny dress pants, a Victorian style ruffle blouse and a fitted blazer. Don't forget the either Love 'em or Hate 'em, two-tone Oxford heels that just add that feminine but ultra-chic touch. As for accessories, keep it simple if the rest of the outfit is loud. Another alternative for the Victorian style blouse is a low cut V-neck top- in which case you can pump up the jewelry and wear the new stacked linked chain necklaces.

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*

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Stephanie Collie said...

Would you be able to do a blog on how it's a fashion faux pas to blend to tips of garment, like cotton/polyester.. Jesus says it's wrong in Leviticus, so I think we should follow his rule.