Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chic Tip: French It

A true fashionista should never make it obvious the fact that she pre-concieved her outfit before going out the door. You should look like you were born with an incredible fashion sense and you don't know why you look this good because you just 'threw it on' last minute. This is what I call 'Frenching It'. It's the French way of living- always looking chic but never too-over done and pre-concieved. Unless you're attending some special event- never go too far by having an uber-trendy outfit and super done-up hair. If you want curls- don't use the curing iron or rollers- just twist you hair in a bun and spray wave maker then take it out before arriving to desination. Straightening your hair is fine, but flip it a couple times to make it NOT look like you obsessed about having your hair poker-stright like most girls do. If you're one of those girls that likes having your hair up- do a pony tail or a simple bun.
Guideline: If it takes more than 3 bobby pins- you've gone too far.

Stay Chic,

Nixy K*

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